How to Manage by Delegating (So You Can Achieve Your Goals)!

How to Manage by Delegating (So You Can Achieve Your Goals)!

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Course LinkHow to Manage by Delegating (So You Can Achieve Your Goals)!
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 How to Manage by Delegating (So You Can Achieve Your Goals)!


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  • Increase productivity by delegating tasks to employees
  • Build employee morale by delegating the right way
  • Develop employees by delegating and discussing the “what, why and how” of delegating
  • Impress management by completing post mortem delegation reports
  • Facilitate the delegation process using a proven 3 step delegation form completion process
  • Full field there an objective very nicely way
  • A course which teach us how to get relief from day to day work burden and to get closure to your goal achievement.
  • It was easy to follow and understand
  • It shows that putting your trust in other co-worker employees can pay off in many ways.
  • I expect more practical details in monitoring phase of the delegation.

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Business » Management » Delegation

Business » Management » Delegation


  • Some experience managing individual contributors and/or teams is good to have, though not required
  • Basic PowerPoint knowledge
  • Basic PowerPoint knowledge is optional, but not required
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The main motivation pitched is all about getting promoted and having more money. While those are important reasons, I feel like this under-emphasized other important reasons for delegating effectively. The benefits on others, team building, personal fulfillment, more time, and so forth were mentioned later in passing or implicitly, if at all.

This course seems hacked together. Maybe it’s only gone as far as it has because it lacks sufficient strength of competition. The practice documents provided seem promotional and yet they are encouraged for distribution on teams; then you have the follow-up videos with instructions on how to modify them and make them less branded for this lecture. Many videos about things hardly worth mentioning or easily mentioned in conjunction with other things.

There are redeeming qualities about it, and I believe that Chris Haroun has relatively benign intentions and motivations. He clearly understands how delegating works and has enthusiasm to encourage others. In the end though they are just that: partially redeeming qualities, weighed down by shortcomings. A little work at cleaning it up would go a long way.

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