Complete Python Course: Learn Hands-On Practically

Complete Python Course: Learn Hands-On Practically

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Go from beginner to expert in Python programming from scratch
Course LinkComplete Python Course: Learn Hands-On Practically
Instructor’s NameSyan Sarkar

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Complete Python Course: Learn Hands On Practically

Thank You

It was an excellent learning experience .


AreaWhat their course page saysWhat I felt after doing the course


  • Understand how to create your own Python programs.
  • Learn Python from experienced professional software developers.
  • Not full field there an objective. The explanation is Poor.
  • The audio quality was bad. The pronunciations were not clear. The content was okay but not structured. Transcripts or Captions were not helpful either

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Development » Programming Language » Python

Development » Programming Language » Python


A working computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and internet connection

Yes, Necessary

Note: This Course is also available on Google Play App.

The voice was bad. Expect a lot more from the course. COURSE was too small. Many more topics could be covered.

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(Worst part is the author/team has replied to the review which is a very bad sign of the course)


[The following recommendations are based on when I did the course and might not be relevant for some or if the course is updated after this review is written]

I personally not recommend this course.

This course would be suitable for beginners learners.

You will for sure learn Python Basic Skills in this course.

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